Our Services

We are available for all kinds of technical work, particularly focused on technical strategy and practical technical leadership in all types of organisation. Contact us by email to start a conversation about your particular needs. Alternatively book a short call with us to discuss how we may be able to help.

CTO as a Service

Advice and support on an as-needed basis on all aspects of technical business activities.

Helping you to put in place the conditions for a technical team to flourish

Mapping the current state of your technical teams and systems

Strategies for discovering and implementing appropriate system changes

Advice and practical involvement in hiring, training and internal organisation to help build technical capability from within

Billed at an hourly rate on an as-needed basis or as a monthly retainer

Technical Partnership

Work in partnership with our technical team to both build your capabilities and deliver something you need

A practical combination of training, recruitment and delivery to add to or improve your organisations’ capabilities

System architecture review and technology suite management

Identification and development of appropriate custom systems

Billed on a per-project basis

Training / Workshops

Training for your technical teams on a number of aspects of technical work

We can help introduce new techniques and capabilities to your organisation

Examples include use of cloud computing and serverless, various software development techniques and methods of technical team organisation

Billed on a per-training-item basis